Mobile App

Residents of 39 California counties receive health and social services through the C-IV Consortium. Users can access their accounts on the C4Yourself self-service portal through the C4Yourself mobile app, which allows them to review their performance, manage their accounts, upload documents and receive messages from their employees.


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Information About Mobile App

  • The C4Yourself mobile app allows users to:
  • Managing your account includes creating a new C4Yourself account, logging into an existing account and changing your password.
  • You can access performance information from CalFresh, CalWORKs (California Child Job Opportunity and Responsibility), and MediCAL. Program status, enrollment status and monthly benefit details are available.
  • To simplify your application process, you can use your phone’s camera to scan and upload documents.
  • Receive notifications when an appointment is approaching or a document is lost.
  • Read messages from social workers about your case.
  • You can register a new account or cancel your existing account with just one case.


  • You can register a new account or cancel your existing account by logging in with an email address.
  • Receive SMS and email notifications.
  • Here is a document sent by a social worker.
  • Please contact one of our local offices.
  • Users of the C4Yourself mobile app have some doubts about how the app works.

If you encounter any kind of trouble then you can contact customer service department.