Resetting Password

C4yourself is an online app funded in partnership with Project C-IV, USDA Food Nutrition Services Grants, and County Medical Services Program Grant. C4Yourself Self-service portal to review your achievements, manage your accounts, upload documents, receive messages from employees, and receive notifications.


This C4Yourself Day offers you the opportunity to learn about the newest features and devices in the smart home industry. You can even get advice from experienced professionals on how to install them and can speak with them about the latest developments that could affect the smart home market so that you can carefully choose the features and devices that you want to install in your home.

How To Reset The Password?

  • Go to in your browser and type
  • Your account’s email address should be entered in the Email field.
  • If you prefer, click the button below
  • By clicking the radio button, you can select the configuration you want to use.
  • Security questions must be sent to option 1 and answers to questions must be sent to option 2.
  • Below is the verification code you need to enter.
  • It is important to answer the security questions.
  • You can get a verification code by clicking the radio button next to your preferred method.


  • You can get a verification code by clicking the radio button next to your preferred method. your email account.
  • There is a radio button next to the length to indicate how you would like to receive the verification code. It will contain at least one (1) of the following:
  • number
  • text
  • Special characters (%$#)
  • Click “Save”.

The C4Yourself event gives you the option to get recommendations from experts on the functionality and installation of products, they can even discuss developments in the smart home industry so you can carefully consider the type of devices and features you want in your home.